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8 Mouthwatering Harilal’s Tea Time Snacks You Must Have

By: :Harilal Ventures 0 comments
8 Mouthwatering Harilal’s Tea Time Snacks You Must Have

8 Mouthwatering Harilal’s Tea Time Snacks You Must Have

Harilal’s – the best sweet shop in Patna has always been known for its delicious menu, which comprises of sweets, snacks, bakery, namkeen, cakes and pastries. We have been a famous sweet shop in Patna ever since we started with our first outlet in 1996, and the journey continues.

Taking our pride ahead, we have launched our online sweets delivery in Patna, so that you enjoy Harilal’s Patna menu, without leaving the comfort of your home. Not only sweets, but you can also order our famous snacks, backery products and cakes, which’ll be delivered to your home fresh.

Food is our first love and the evening snack is just the game-changer. Snacks can turn the normal evening an awesome one. Snacks are the delicious light food that adds extra enthusiasm to your day. Eating a certain snack every day could make it boring, so here we bring you the 8 must-have snacks from the house of Harilal’s to shape your evening. You can order online for all these products and get 10% discount on your orders with us.

Mini Samosa

Mini Samosa is a fried dish with fillings like greengram, gramflour, cashew, raisin, chilli, iodisedsalt, sugar and spices. It is triangular in shape. Mini Samosas can be your favorite evening time buddy. It is loved equally by people of every age group and can be found easily. Harilal’s Mini Samosas are great in taste and trust for quality also comes with the name of Harilal’s.

Bhakad Wadi

Bhakad Wadi is also another Indian snack very popular in Gujarat and Maharastra. It is a fried and crisp spiral-shaped snack that is compulsive and has a sweet, spicy and tangy taste.  It can become one of your favorite evening snack, the perfect companion for your tea or coffee. Harilal’s – the best sweet shop of Patna brings you Bhakad Wadi, the famous taste of western India. Just the perfect blend of taste and culture which would make your boring evenings more tastier. This is a must-try for your next snack time.

Lamba Jeera Puff

Lamba jeera puff is a spicy and namkeen puff, complimented with jeera and methi flavors a great choice for your evening snack. Make sure that you try it the next time when you are at the Harilal’s sweet shop in Patna. If looking for something to change your taste, it can be a great option and it is generally liked by kids too. Make the snack time irresistible by including it in your routine.

Kashmiri Mixture

When talking about snacks how can we miss the all-new Harilal’s Kashmiri mixture. The Kashmiri mixture has always had an edge over its other rivals of the same class. The ingredients used in making this are split green gram, gram pulse flour, potatoes, cashew nuts, and spices. There are several types of spices which give it its perfect desired flavor which you would crave for, Harilal’s Kashmiri mixture has the tendency to make your taste buds drool and make it to the list of top evening snacks you must try.

Bhawnagri Gathiya

Gujarat has always been famous for its wide variety of namkeens, Harilal’s Bhawnagri gathiya is an example of such taste. It depicts the real flavors of its roots. It is one of the most-selling Gujarati namkeens. Primarily, Gujarati mixtures and namkeens have its different place and the Bhawnagri mixture has maintained that reputation very well. It is made in traditional Gujarati style by deep-frying gram flour and spice-mix kneaded like dough. It is a must-try snack and you must add it to your wishlist.

Kaju Masoor Mixture

When talking about mixtures how can we afford to miss the  Kaju Masoor Mixture. The Kaju Masoor Mixture is made up of finest cashews, split green grams, lentil gram flour, spices and is advised to store in a cool and dry place. The cashew nuts add to the taste and make it somewhat healthy as compared to the others of its family. It can be your favorite companion for your next tea break. Add it to your wishlist and grab it the next time you visit Harilal’s - famous sweet shop of Patna.


Harilal’s Bhujiya is the favorite tea companion and the most loved snack here in the Indian subcontinent. It is made up of mildly spicy and deep-fried sev made from tepary and gram flour. It goes the best with tea and coffee and makes sure you taste this if you haven't. Harilal’s Bhujiya has an extraordinary and unbeatable taste, it is among one of the best and most popular recipes from the house of Harilal’s. You can get it anywhere easily on the streets of the town, but with Harilal’s assure you with the quality of the product.

Masala Namak Para

Namak Para, another name for Nimki as known in different parts of the country. It is a perfect evening snack, which when served with some mint chutney does wonders. Harilal’s masala namak para is made with wheat flour and is fried in pure ghee to keep the flavours alive. Added with a special masala, our namak para goes well with your evening and morning teas. Harilal’s – the best sweet shop in Patna brings this delectable savoury snack for your special gatherings, occasions and festivals,so that you can treat your guests in a delicious manner.

 These were some of the favorite Indian snacks which you must try once with your loved ones and explore the taste of India. These evening snacks would make your taste buds drool over them and you won't have enough of them. Add them to your wishlist and try it whenever you get an opportunity.

Harilal’s give you a chance to taste all of these at your home.You can visit our website for Harilal’s Patna Menu and order online from Harilal’s. We also accept online cake order in Patna, where we promise assured delivery within 2-hours, so that you can enjoy our yummy cakes and pastries in a single click. Go ahead, and order now!