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Many people enjoy the soft deep-fried berry-sized balls dipped in sugar syrup. While some enjoy it plain, others pair it with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate syrup to create a delectable dessert. One can never say no to this delectable dessert, more commonly referred to as "GULAB JAMUN."

With Harilal's, Patna's best sweet shop, learn the sweet history of your favourite sweet.

Gulab Jamun finds its origin in Iran cuisine derived from fritters made from refined flour (maida), that were then dipped in a sugar syrup that the Central Asian Turkic invaders brought to India. This Iranian dessert is named after an Arabic dessert called Luqmat-al-qaadhi or Luqmat al-Qazi, which translates to ‘The Judge's Bite’ and is extremely popular throughout the Middle East.

Gulab is derived from the Persian words gul (flower) and āb (water), both of which refer to rose water. Jamun or jaman is a Hindi term for black plum, an Indian fruit with a shape and size similar to this sweet. Gulab Jamun is a fried delicacy drenched in sugar syrup. The Jamun or jaman is a Hindi synonym for black plum, an Indian fruit that resembles the shape and size of this sweet. Gulab Jamun can be defined as a fried delicacy in sugar syrup. According to culinary historian Michael Krondl, Luqmat al-Qazi (Lokma) or gulab jamun evolved from a Persian dish made with fried dumplings and rose water syrup during the Mughal emperors' invasion of India. Gulab Jamuns are ubiquitous in northern part of India, savored often and fondly that the fact makes this sweet extraordinary has been widely opted out. Generally made from milk solids, also known as khoya, the milk is reduced to the consistency of soft dough and is frequently garnished with dried nuts such as almonds and cashews to add flavour.

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Also, very interestingly in Rajasthan, instead of soaking gulab jamun balls in sugar syrup, they are cooked in gravy made from spices, nuts, and tomato to make popular ‘Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi.' One can try this and devour it into a different taste.

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