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"There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love of a brother." Everyone will agree to this without a argument. Sibling love can't be expressed in words and the best way to showcase this love is celebrating Raksha Bandhan. 'Raksha' or protecting each other to mark this on the last day in the month of Shravan. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated where a sister ties Rakhi on the wrist of her brother and believes that this will protect her brother from any danger. In return, the sister also receives lots of love and gifts from her brother.

This is celebrated all around India and any celebration is incomplete without sweets on plates. Make your special day sweeter with the best sweet shop in Patna. Harilal's has a wide variety of collection of sweets and gift hampers. Here we list some of the must-buy sweets for your special occasion.

Must Buy Sweets for Rakhi

KAJU BARFEE: Harilal's offers the best quality Kaju Barfee in the city, a very famous North- Indian dessert prepared with cashew nuts, milk, saffron, and pure ghee. This sweet will surely melt your heart. Harilal's in Patna deliver your orders of Kaju barfee at your doorstep.

KAJU LADDOO: Harilal's Kaju laddoo is made up of pure khoa and the finest cashews. The laddoos are filled with cashew and are awesome in taste. They are 100% natural and rich in flavor. Celebrate the purest bond with the best sweet from Patna.

GOND LADDOO: Harilal's Sweet and Veg Restaurant offers you the best quality Gond laddoo in town. Gond Laddoo is a rich, delicious, and wholesome treat offered by Harilal's made up of edible gum (Gond), whole wheat flour, almonds, pure desi ghee, and cashew nuts.

DODHA BARFI: A unique barfi prepared with the best ingredients like pure desi ghee, sugar, dry fruits, glucose, almonds, and milk for the best relation. A must sweet to order from sweets delivery in Patna from the famous sweet shop in Patna.

BESAN GAJJAK: A very famous sweet in India made up of besan, sugar and pure desi ghee is delivered at your doorstep from Harilal's Patna to make your day more special.

PURE GHEE BESAN LADDOO: Pure Ghee Besan Ladoo is an Indian sweet-dish made up of Pure desi ghee, besan (chick-pea), sugar and is garnished with dry fruits and is one of the best from Harilal's Sweet Shop and Veg Restaurant. Delivered at your doorstep for your special person on this special day.

BADAM BARFEE: Harilal's Badam Barfee is made up of badam and finest quality nuts and garnished with saffron that adds the desired flavor to it and also gives a fine and delectable taste. The must-have sweet on any occasion is sure to melt your taste buds.

There is a lot more for the online sweets delivery in Patna from Harilal's Patna. Buy the best sweets for the best person from the best sweet shop in Patna. Celebrate Rakhi in a grand way with Harilal's Sweet Shop and Veg Restaurant.