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“A sibling may be the only person who has access to a person's true, more fundamental self, and thus the keeper of their identity”.

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu traditional festival that commemorates the strength and love of a pious bond between a brother and a sister. Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion for sisters to tie the sacred thread or 'Rakhi' on the wrist of their brothers, praying for their long life, fortune, happiness, and wealth. It is generally observed on the last full moon day of Shravan. A festival of love and gifts celebrated throughout India, where sweets and delectable platters are an unavoidable part of the festivities.

‘Harilal's’, the best sweet shop and vegetarian restaurant in Patna, will help you make the day more memorable and sweeter. Fill your shopping cart with Harilal's special gift hampers for Rakhi, as well as a diverse selection of sweets, confectioneries, and bakeries from our extensive collection of products.

This list includes some of the most important desserts and dishes to purchase for your celebration:

On Raksha Bandhan, ‘Ghevar’, a crispy and sweet dish made from refined flour and sweet syrup that is shaped like a beehive and tastes absolutely delicious, is one of the must-have sweets to indulge in. Harilal's, a well-known sweet shop in Patna, is known for providing the highest quality Ghevar.

In North India ‘Kaju Barfi’ is a well-known sweet dish made with cashew nuts and milk, as well as saffron and pure ghee. This confection will undoubtedly melt your heart. You can get your Kaju Barfi orders delivered right to your door from Harilal's in Patna.

It's impossible to resist the deliciousness of Kaju Kesar Barfi, which is infused with the goodness of saffron, cashew, and milk. North Indian desserts such as this are extremely popular. Located in the heart of the city, Harilal Sweets & Veg Restaurant serves the best Kaju Kesar Barfi, prepared by the most talented men in the trade.

Kalakand: The sweet made from milk and infused with the goodness of pistachios is one of the most popular sweets to be served on Raksha Bandhan.

Dry Fruit Laddoo: Harilal's offers you the best quality of dry fruit laddoo. Loaded with the goodness of pistachios, almonds, walnuts, and others is a wholesome treat for your brother. 

We at Harilal's provide you with the highest quality Dry Fruit Laddoo available anywhere. This wholesome treat for your brother is packed with the goodness of pistachios, almonds, walnuts, and other nutritious nuts.

A traditional Indian sweet dish made with pure desi ghee, besan (chickpea), sugar, and dried fruits, Ghee Laddoo is one of the best dishes available at Harilal's Sweet Shop and Veg Restaurant in Patna. Ordered online, it will be delivered right to your door for your special someone on this special day!

Gulab Jamun: These deep-fried balls dipped in sugar syrup are universally adored and are a perennial favourite among the masses.

Sandesh: Newly added to the list, Harilal's the sweet shop nearest to you, offers you the perfect taste of Bengali sweets. 

On this special occasion, Mishti Doi, which is served chilled in earthen pots, is a delectable taste that should not be missed.

Malai Paneer: The finger-licking flavour of the Malai Paneer makes it a must-order for lunchtime consumption. Harilal's, the best vegetarian restaurant in Patna, provides you with the ‘veg platters’ for any celebration or gathering.

Hampers: Choose the best gift hampers for your sister or brother customised for everyone and include dry fruits, chocolates, bakery items, and sweets.

Buy the best sweets for the best person from the best sweet shop in Patna and dine at the best vegetarian restaurant in the city. Harilal's Sweet Shop and Veg Restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate Rakhi in style.

Wishing you a happy ordering and celebrating!