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Dive into the soft white sweet sponge balls and protect yourself from COVID-19. With the rise in the number of Covid cases during this second wave , it is our priority to keep our immunity strong. It is advised to take  high and enough amount of protein to make your immune system stronger. In some recent studies, it has been noticed that there is an increase in the demand for rasgullas amidst this covid-19 rise and the reason behind this is, rasgullas are a high source of protein and maintain your regular calorie intake. 

The medical professionals have advised that the covid patients with mild and even with the high rate of infection should have rasgullas daily along with proper medication to build up their immunity.

Harilal's, the best sweet shop and pure veg restaurant offers you the best quality of rasgullas. The best sweet shop in Patna offers you a wide variety of chena sweets while Rasgullas being the topmost in demand. The best rasgullas in the town provides enough calorie, proper amount of energy and enough nutrition to the infected patients.

It is important to intake a certain amount of calorie to fulfill the required strength of a day for covid patients. Rasgullas helps to meet the daily need of the calorie intake for the patients, especially for vegetarians. The famous sweet shop in Patna prepares rasgullas from pure chena (chena is one of the fermented forms of milk) which is a rich source of protein and thus meets with the protein intake. The soft sweet spongy balls can be easily digested and also don't take any other additional hard work to digest and are cheaper than any other similar products. For those who are diabetic, the rasgullas to be replaced with yogurt or curd along with fruits, makhna, and other protein-rich foods. 

A single piece of Rasgulla contains an equal amount of nutrients as of two chhapatis/rotis. Covid patient lose their taste for food and so it is advised to have rasgullas as they enlighten the taste buds and meets the need for proper calorie intake. 

Though the rasgullas meet with the calorie intake for a single person, it should not be mistaken that, rasgullas are not the medicines or cure for the COVID-19 virus. It's quite not possible for a person to have 12 Rotis but it's easy to have 6 rasgullas daily; two rasgullas three times daily can meet the calorie needs of a person. 

Harilal's, the best sweet shop near you delivers your orders with full precautions at your doorstep. Call us or WhatsApp on 8084444444 or visit our website to place your order and get free delivery of your favorite sweets, cakes, and many more at your doorstep. Stay safe, stay strong. Stay at home and take care of your loved ones.