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Food is always the best friend, staying with us without any complaints and can always make your mood go up. Every food or every dish has its flavor to make you droll but one just cannot miss on the street foods. Harilal's Patna, the best sweet shop near you also offers you a wide variety of street foods prepared with hygiene and precautionary measures so that you never compromise with your health. Harilal's the best sweet shop and veg restaurant in Patna, has tasty and delicious dishes for you in their menu.

The top 5 snacks you must try

RAJ KACHORI CHAAT : The most loved and liked by all foodies, Harilal's raj kachori chaat always top in the list when it comes to chaat lovers. A must-try dish when you are visiting the best sweet store in Patna.

GOLGAPPA CHAAT : As the name says, the chaat has golgappa as the main ingredient with others. The most ordered by the visitors and best rated. If you haven't tried this yet, you must try now.

DAHI VADA : A very known and favorites of many, Harilal's the best sweet shop and veg restaurant serves you the best Dahi Vada with an unforgettable taste. Fried vada from urad dal dipped in dahi and served with various toppings leaves you speechless with its taste.

VADA PAV : The famous street food from Maharashtra is now in your city Patna, at Harilal's, the famous sweet shop in Patna. Taste the best Vada Pav of the city and keep on licking your fingers.

SAMOSA : Be it formal office meetings or special delegates visiting you; whether it's family time on normal days or a get-together of all relatives and members for a special occasion, or group hangouts with friends - Samosa from Harilal's is a must. The snack-time remains incomplete if you are not ordering samosas from Harilal's.

So, keep away all your worries and indulge yourself in mouth smacking snacks items from Harilal's, pure veg restaurant in Patna. If you are not willing to step outside, order online food with Harilal's Patna, one of the top 5 restaurants in Patna.

Keep enjoying your orders!