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Harilal's - the best sweet shop in Patna has always been the savior to the taste buds of the Patnaites. One can now gorge over from breakfast till dinner including yummy and tasty desserts as Harilal's now delivers at your doorstep.
While one can indulge in the heavenly taste of varieties of dishes and products across the country at the comfort of their home with Harilal's, the best sweet shop and veg restaurant in Patna, special mention lies in the wide variety of Bengali Chena Sweets in the city itself.
From soft spongy rasgullas to chena sandwiches, Harilal's the best sweet shop near you provides you the free home delivery of your favorite sweets. The heavenly taste of these sweets may compel you to repeat your orders, as we list out some of our best-selling Bengali sweets.
Rasgulla: These soft, white spongy balls dipped in sugar syrup will surely melt your heart and enlighten your taste buds. Order some and increase your immunity system with our rasgullas.
Chamcham: These oval-shaped Bengali sweets are desiccated coconut coated with mewa (khoya) and fruits stuffed in them, these are must order with others.
Malai Cham Cham: Soaked in sugar syrup flavored with rose, saffron, and cardamom, the cham cham aka Chom Chom and topped with some fresh malai, these white oval-shaped Bengali sweets are a treat to the tastebuds.
Kalakand: Made with sweetened milk, khoya, and other ingredients like milk, sugar, and occasionally with nuts like pistachios and some cardamom powder, these sweet squares have to be one's favorite.
Chena Sandwich: One of the signature sweets of Harilal's, these are made of pure Chena (cottage cheese) soaked in sugar syrup with some khoa in it makes a must-try.
When you order sweets online from Harilal's, keep your worries away about safety because at Harilal's we follow proper safety measures and protocols from preparing to deliver your orders. Keep ordering your favorites from us through our website or reach out to us through WhatsApp or call on 808444444, 9102999212. Stay connected with us on our social media handles and enjoy your orders from Harilal's where love is made edible.