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Top 10 delicacies to add colors to Holi celebration

By: :Harilal Sweets 0 comments
Top 10 delicacies to add colors to Holi celebration

Celebrating victory of good over evil, Holi is the color of festivals, celebrated with much fervor and cheer. While smearing each other bright hues, Holi is incomplete without scrumptious dishes and sweets to savor on.

Complementing the Holi party, these are the must on your list while you celebrate a clean Holi with safety and having a bite at these delicacies from Harilal's - the best sweet shop and pure veg restaurant in Patna. 


GUJIYA: One of the most popular sweets during Holi celebration, these deep-fried sweet dumplings are made with flour, semolina (suji), stuffed with a mixture of deep sweetened khoya, and dry fruits and shaped like a half-moon. Harilal's, the best sweet shop in Patna provides you the best quality of gujiya. 


MALPUA: This indulgent pancake-style dessert ranks top in the most favorite dishes. Made with all-purpose flour, semolina, khoya, and cardamom, fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup is a good choice to end your Holi meal.


CHANDRAKALA: Similar to Gujiya., it is made up of flour and dry fruits like cashews, almonds, raisins, coconut, charoli along with khoa, semolina, cardamom, sugar, and pistachio while cardamon and pistachio add to the flavor of the sweet. You will find the best quality of sweets at Harilal's the famous sweet shop in Patna.


RAS-MALAI: These sweet dough balls stuffed with cream, saffron, pistachio nuts and served with fresh cardamom cream, enticing foodies all over are a must in the dessert list during Holi.


KAJU BARFI: The most popular desserts of North-India, Kaju barfi accompanies any celebration and Holi is neither an exception. Made up of cashew nuts, milk, saffron, and pure ghee it is a lip-smacking dessert for the entire family. Get the best quality of Kaju barfi in your nearest sweet shop Harilal's- the best sweet shop and veg restaurant. 


KAJU GUJIYA: Savor on a unique blend of cashews and khoya with Kaju Gujiya. Harilal’s Kaju Gujiyas are made from the finest cashews and pure khoya. This sweet dish is surely going to add an extra flavor to your Holi party.


LADDOOS: This ball-shaped sweet holds a significant role during Holi. You will find an ample number of varieties of laddoos to choose from for the celebration. From Kaju to besan, Harilal's the best sweet shop provides you the best quality of laddoos. 


DAHI-VADA: Dahi vada is one of the Holi foods that makes everybody ask for more and when it's from the best veg restaurant in Patna- Harilal's it is undoubtedly the best snack you could have for the day. Prepared by soaking fitters made from lentil, chickpea flour, or potato immersed in yogurt (dahi) is a must during Holi season. Serve it with cilantro, chili powder, crushed black pepper, chaat masala, cumin, green chilis, or boondi to make it more mesmerizing.


PAPRI CHAAT: The most famous delicious fast food during Holi, made with crispy dough wafers served with chickpeas and boiled potatoes, tamarind chutney, and yogurt will make you drool over. 


THANDAI: Celebration of Holi is just incomplete without the sips of thandai. The milk-based cooling drink is usually made with saffron, almonds, sugar, and a different variety of herbs. Topped off with nuts and spices, this drink is right at the heart of the festival. 


Celebration and delicacies are always complementary to each other and Holi is also not an exception. These are the very few dishes among the wide varieties of sweets and veg platters offered by Harilal's - the best sweet shop and pure veg restaurant.  Enjoy the colourful season with safety and keep ordering your favorites from Harilal's.