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Top 10 Sweets for Every Celebration | Best Dish for Every Celebration

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Top 10 Sweets for Every Celebration | Best Dish for Every Celebration

Top 10 Sweets For Every Celebration

Right from some spicy street food to the amazing sweet shops, Patna has mastered the art of balanced food. Talking about the variety of sweets, it becomes tough to find all of them at a place until we talk about Harilal’s, which has overwhelmed Patna with its sweetness.

We have thus decided to put together some famous sweets found in one of the best sweet shops of Patna, Harilal’s.

List of Top 10 Sweets for Every Celebration

  1. Jalebi: The only mention of jalebi can make people drool. Say Harilal’s jalebi and it becomes tough to resist. The crispier the tastier, this sweet can be served both hot and cold. Visit Harilal’s outlet to taste the best of the best.
  2. Gulab Jamun: For all with a sweet tooth, Harilal’s gulab jamun is a treat to your taste buds. Order the malleable gulab jamun from Harilal’s for a perfect finsh to your dish.
  3. Rasmalai: This milky sweet is a Bengali dessert, but famous all over. Taste the essence of Bengal from the best sweet shop of Patna, Harilal. This scrumptious dish leaves everyone watery mouth, visit the best restaurant in Patna, Harilal’s.
  4. Kaju Pista Roll: Harilal’s Kaju Pista roll is made of nutty flavors of cashews and pistachios rolled in one. Order online or visit the shop to taste the amazing sweet made of Kaju.
  5. Besan Gajjak: The sweet delicacy of Harilal’s is the most famous sweet for all festive occasions. Order online for fast delivery at your home and enjoy the sweet garnished with dry fruits.
  6. Milk Peda: Peda sounds common and familiar, Harilal’s gives the traditional sweet a flavor to remember. Come to Harilal’s and take home with you the milk peda for a treat to the taste buds.
  7. Kaju Kalash: The Kalash shaped sweet made of Kaju with add-on sprinkles is loved by all. Harilal’s is the best place to buy sweets from. Order online and delight your guests with the extraordinary sweet.
  8. Kaju Anjeer Cake: The sweet dish by Harilal is highly appreciated for its taste and purity. Visit Harilal’s for the amazing taste and delicious flavor of the Kaju Anjeer cake.
  9. Raskadam: The Bengali sweet is prepared mostly in the festivities. Order Raskadam from Harilal’s and enjoy this delicacy at home.
  10. Chocolate bite: Unwrap the chocolate bite and enjoy the chocolate flavor with added dry fruits. Order chocolates for your partner from Harilal’s with love.

Harilal’s is the best sweet shop in Patna for all your delicacies. Visit the Harilal’s outlets or order online to choose from a wide range of specials.