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Top 12 Vegetarian Dishes to try at home!

By: :Harilal Sweets 0 comments
Top 12 Vegetarian Dishes to try at home!

Did lockdown shatter your dream to dine out at your favourite vegetarian restaurant? You can still gorge into your favourite meals without hitting outdoors. 

 Here is the list of 12  pure veggie dishes - you can cook it up with the basics in your kitchen.

 1. Rajma: Commonly known as the kidney beans, Rajma is full of fibre, protein and carbohydrates. The Desi combo of Rajma-Chawal is high in demand in almost every vegetarian restaurant. Rajma cooked in a thick gravy of tomato and onion is best enjoyed with steamed or jeera rice.

Special Tip: Add Raita and onion dipped in mint chutney to get that restaurant feel at your dining table.

 2. Dahi Kebab: An appetizer you cannot miss at a vegetarian restaurant. It is one of the healthiest snacks with the goodness of cottage cheese, oats, yoghurt, raisins and bread crumb. 

Special Tip: Dahi Kebabs taste the best when paired with coriander and mint chutney and onions.

 3. Stuffed Mushroom Masala: This is one of the quickest dishes to cook. Mushroom caps stuffed with a mixture of corn and mushroom with cheese toppings is a perfect veggie dish baked for the family.

 4. Mexican Casserole: Experiment with some corn, cheese and capsicum and here you are ready with a healthy Mexican Vegetarian Recipe in your kitchen. Try out this amazingly yummy and exceptionally easy recipe.

 5. Grilled Veggie Fajita Salad: Another Mexican salad, Grilled Veggie Fajita Salad gives you the nutrition of greens with a great taste.

 6. Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Quinoa: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes full with corn, black beans, nutritious quinoa with cheese can make your evenings delightful.

 7. Spinach Lasagna: With the freshness of the spinach and basil, this vegetarian recipe will take 10 minutes in your over and you are set to impress your family with the green surprise.

 8. Chana Masala: A bowl full of protein, Chana Masala paired with Bhature, Kulche or Plain Rice is another easy Indian vegetarian recipe you can try to break the monotony of Dal, Sabzi and Roti.

 9. Bharwa Baingan or Stuffed Baby Eggplant: Baby eggplant stuffed with nuts and spices, and tossed in a sauce made prepared with tamarind pulp, spices and lemon juice. This recipe will make you drool over eggplants.

10. Carrot Salad with Grape Dressing: If you following a proper diet then this vegetarian recipe can support your regime the best way possible. Shredded carrots topped with black grapes add nutritional value in your diet.

 11. Kadhi-Pakodi: One of the easiest vegetarian recipes made with the basics in your kitchen. Kadhi is best paired with steamed rice.

 12. Matar Paneer: Chunks of cottage cheese and fresh green peas cooked in a thick curry of cream and spices. Serve Matar Paneer with raita and coriander and mint chutney, enjoy your meal.

 13. Aloo Gobhi: A hot favourite of every household. Aloo Gobhi could either be cooked dry or gravy, it can be eaten in the breakfast, lunch or dinner. Serve the veggie dish with poori, chapatti or rice.

Special Tip: Don’t miss to add coriander leaves before serving.