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Kaju Burfi

Rs. 540.00

Kaju Barfee is among the most popular desserts of North-India. Harilal’s offers the best quality Kaju Barfee in town. It is made up of Cashew nuts, milk, saffron, and pure ghee. This sweet dish is ready to be delivered at your doorstep. It is an exclusive Indian sweet with absolute great quality and does not contain any type of added...

Kaju Gajjak

Rs. 320.00

Kaju Gajjak is among the wide range of cashew products offered by Harilal’s. It is basically a sweet dish made from pure cashew in diamond form. It is a famous North-Indian sweet dish and is very popular among children. Harilal’s offers doorstep delivery on this product. No chemicals or added preservatives are used in this product from the house of...

Kaju Anjeer Cake

Rs. 640.00

Harilal’s Kaju Anjeer Cake is a sweet-dish that is highly famous for its mouth-watering taste. It is made up of Cashew nuts, pistachio, sugar, honey. All the ingredients used in making this product are fresh and natural. At the Harilal’s we do not bargain with the quality, we believe in providing our customers the best. We sell the best quality...

Kaju Pista Roll

Rs. 360.00

Another member of the cashew family, Harilal’s has something special to offer as always. Kaju Pista Roll is an awesome combination of cashew and pistachios. The nutty flavor just adds to its taste. This is what you call the perfect roll. Harilal’s has always provided its customers with the best quality. Here, at Harilal’s we believe in serving our customers...

Orange Bite

Rs. 700.00

Orange Bite is something that would relish and refresh your senses. Harilal’s Orange Bites are made with the best oranges. It is a tangy treat by Harilal’s which can be a great option if looking to gift someone on any occasion. This is the best sweet available online for doorstep delivery. No chemicals or added preservatives are used in making...

Choco Bite

Rs. 700.00

Choco Bite is a special delicacy from the house of Harilal’s. It is a lip-smacking confectionery from Harilal’s. The rich dark chocolate just takes you to another world. The perfect therapy to cheer up your mood. The product is available for doorstep delivery so why wait for an occasion to try one. Order online or visit our nearest outlet. We...

Mewa Bite

Rs. 700.00