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To all the food lovers and readers,

Lockdown and COVID-19 Pandemic must have made your taste buds bored with the same dishes over again and again. We assume you are missing your favorite veg restaurant in Patna. Want to gorge again your favorite dishes and sweets from Harilal's, the best sweet shop in Patna but in a dilemma about the food safety in Covid-19? No worries, because Harilal's maintain all the safety guidelines and the Covid-19 food hygienic factors.

Whether it's a long tiring work schedule in this new work from home setup or feeling tired after preparing meals in the kitchen from breakfast to dinner every day, the delicacies from Harilal's Patna is here to lift up the mood. Feel safe while you order online dishes from Harilal's because all our kitchens are being regularly disinfected, staff who prepare your orders, and all our delivery boys maintain all the safety guidelines and undergo a periodic medical checkup. So, you are safe while you enjoy your favorites from us.

Novel Coronavirus and Food Safety

As of recent studies and researches show that there's no evidence Covid-19 viruses can be contracted through food or food packaging. This aligns with all advice of WHO, other international health and food safety authoritie. Covid-19 is a respiratory disease that is transmitted from one person to another, and not a foodborne disease. Research by WHO has shown that the virus is inactive in the acidic environment of the stomach, and is unlikely to reach the gastrointestinal tract and cause illness.

Moreover, food packaging hasn’t presented any specific risk of transmission. It’s not yet confirmed how long the virus survives or remains detectable on surfaces. Studies suggest it may be a few hours. This depends on the type of surface, temperature, and humidity of the environment. But for your safety and concern, our surfaces are always sanitized with common household disinfectants such as alcohol-based sanitizer or bleach.

It's always advisable to maintain social distancing and to follow extra precautions while interacting with customers and Harilal's- the best veg restaurant keeps all these in mind.

At Harilal's, we

    • Maintain at least 1.5 meters from customers
    • Avoid hand to hand contact while delivering orders
    • Maintain the perfect temperature of foods to avoid any growth of microbes
    • Masks and sanitizers are compulsory for every customer visiting our outlets to maintain personal hygiene

  • Regular sanitization and dis-infectionary measures are taken

So, whether you visit our outlets or order online from Harilal's -the best sweet shop and veg restaurant in Patna, indulge yourself with the heavenly taste of your favorite delicacies. Keep ordering your choices from us and enjoy our food, because we maintain food safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Happy reading and eating!