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What to do during the Corona Virus crisis? Dine-in or dine out?

By: :Harilal Sweets 0 comments
What to do during the Corona Virus crisis? Dine-in or dine out?

What is Corona Virus?

The most discussed topic among everyone in recent times is about Corona Virus. There are many fake news floating about the virus and one shouldn’t fall prey to it. One should be responsible enough to know about the correct do’s and don’t’s. It spreads through direct contact with the infected person that is when he/she coughs and sneezes.

Symptoms of COVID19

The symptoms of Corona Virus are similar to that of any other flu. The symptoms start appearing within 2- 14 days which includes cough, sneeze and fever. The virus can affect the people whose immune system is very low and so you must take foods which increases your immunity. During the Corona Virus outbreak time, try eating healthy and vegetarian food items which is properly cooked and baked.

Precautions of COVID19

You can be safe by following just some simple precautionary measures. Always remember to wash your hands and keep alcohol-sanitizer with you while travelling. Keep washing your hands at regular intervals. While visiting food outlets and restaurants, check if they are maintaining good hygiene, ask the staffs to maintain the proper precautionary code provided and if you are ordering food online do check the way your food is being delivered. If it’s not in proper condition, then do report it to the seller. Try to avoid public gatherings and order properly cooked food, enjoy our delicacies at home.

How to stay safe yet enjoy eating?

COVID19 is widespread in all states and hospitals with the help of government are now active to register and screen people with the virus. They are also recording the travel history of people who have travelled out of India. The team of Harilal’s wishes everyone good health and asks people to stay indoors. You can order our sweets and snacks from To enjoy the meals at Harilal’s order us from Zomato or Swiggy and enjoy your time at home with us.